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Below is a list of shows that I will be attending throughout 2018.  I am excited to bring a new show to the art shows titled Barns of the Prairie.  The images presented will be photos taken throughout my travels of barns in various states.  From the age old building technique of mortise and tenon to the modern pole barns, the history of barns for me is the story of America.  With each barn that is lost, whether it collapses or is dismantled, a part of our history is gone forever.  So I have embarked on a path to capture as many of these barns as possible.

Aluminum prints have quickly become my favorite medium to present photographs.  The process of making an aluminum photo includes infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets.  With an aluminum print, the colors and details seem more alive.  Breathtaking actually, the images take on a depth that is unsurpassed with any other medium. 

Each photo has been framed with authentic barn wood to add a weathered element and feel to the photograph. 


Upcoming Events

First Show of 2018!

I am excited to announce my first show of the season. I have been selected as a vendor at the 3 French Hens Country Market in downtown Morris, Illinois, right along the I&M Canal. Saturday, August 11, 2018, from 8am until 2pm. I've been there before, it's a great market, come on out and enjoy the day.

The theme of my sale is Barns of the Prairie. All works will be for sale. various sizes, or orders can be placed for a custom size. All photographs are printed on aluminum using a dye sublimation process then are framed by hand with barn board.

Check out the hens Facebook page for more information.

Hope to see you there!