Congratulations on your engagement and thank you for your interest in Bob Boehm Photography.  The most important question you can ask is, why chose Bob Boehm Photography for your wedding photography?  Our answer; as a father/daughter team of Bob Boehm and Laura Gaffney, each award winning photographers, we do our best to capture the excitement and the emotions while providing unique perspectives of your wedding day.


Our philosophy is simple…

  • Provide a mix of traditional and modern styles.
  • Offer full coverage from Engagement photos, to your Wedding Day.
  • We use two photographers on your wedding day so nothing is missed.
  • We provide undivided attention to your event. 
  • Additional options are available.
  • We believe in shooting from the beginning to the end, not by time blocks, not by the number of photographs taken.  We shoot until we have covered everything.
  • This is your day and we appreciate the opportunity to be a part of it.



Wedding Packages

The Diamond Collection  - $2,450

Engagement Photo Session.  Choice of “Bridal Shoot”, Full Wedding Day coverage with two photographers, Slideshow at the Reception. A Printed Proof Book with up to 200 photos.  Password protected online proofs available for one hundred ten, (110), days from posting.  One 100 image Couples Leather Bound Lay-Flat Printed Book, Two, identical 40 image Parent Leather Bound Lay-Flat Printed Books, Two 12x18 Canvas or Metal Prints, and a Thumb Drive with Copyright Release of all photos taken. (To replace the Lay-Flat printed books with Traditional Leather Bound Albums add $200.)


The Ruby Collection  - $1,850

Engagement Photo Session.  Wedding Ceremony & Reception coverage with two photographers.  Printed proof book with up to 200 photos.  Password protected online proofs available for ninety, (90), days from posting.  One 100 image Couples Leather Bound Lay-Flat Printed Book, Two 12x18 Canvas or Metal Prints.  (To replace the Lay-Flat printed books with Traditional Leather Bound Albums add $200.)



The Sapphire Collection  - $1,350

Engagement Photo Session.  Wedding Ceremony coverage with two photographers.  Password protected online proofs available for seventy-five, (75), days from posting.  One 80 image Printed Photo Book, One 12x18 Canvas or Metal Print.  (To replace the Lay-Flat printed books with Traditional Leather Bound Albums add $200.)







`A La Carte Options

For those who wish to build their own or add on to any collection.


Engagement Session                                                                          $250

Bridal Shoot – “On The Town”                                                         $450

Bridal Shoot – “For The Groom”                                                      $450

“For the Groom” - Thumb Drive & Copyright Release                $100

Rehearsal Photos                                                                                $250

Getting Ready, Hair/Make Up Photos                                            $250

Wedding Ceremony                                                                            $850

Reception                                                                                             $450

Slideshow At Reception                                                                    $250

Thumb Drive & Copyright Release                                                  $400

Printed Proof Book                                                                             $350

Couples Leather Bound Album W/Matted Photos                      $550

Parent Leather Bound Album W/Matted Photos                        $275

Couples Lay Flat Printed Book                                                         $400

Parent Lay Flat Printed Book                                                           $225

Canvas Print 12x18                                                                            $125

Metal Print 12x18                                                                              $125

Photo Box with 100 4x6 Photos                                                     $200

4x6 Printed Photos                                                                              .90

5x7 Printed Photos                                                                              $4

8x10 Printed Photos                                                                            $8

11x14 Printed Photos                                                                         $11

Thank You Photo Cards (Quantities of 25, W/Envelope)            $35

























Bridal Shoot – “On the Town”  $450

Spend two to three hours “out on the town”, in your wedding dress, with a photographer to capture those truly unique images.  These images can be included in your Wedding Album or purchased separately.   This photo shoot can be scheduled before or after your wedding day.  


Bridal Shoot – “For The Groom”  $450

Spend two to three hours with the photographer taking those special images for the groom.  These images can be any type you want, including semi boudoir,(no naked images will be taken).  This package includes a Printed Book with no less than 20 images, and 1 framed 5x7 image for the groom’s night stand.  This photo shoot can be scheduled before or after your wedding day.   A separate Copyright Release along with a separate Thumb Drive for these photos can be purchased for $100


Slideshow  $200

A selection of 15-30 images, (photographer’s discretion), from the engagement session, rehearsal, and throughout the wedding day, to be periodically updated and shown during the reception.


Proof Book $350

A Proof Book is a printed catalog of your wedding photos.  Images will typically be wallet size and displayed with their file name. The Proof Book will have up to 250 images in it and may include a sampling of Black & White, Muted, Touch Color and other edits. A Proof Book has traditionally been used by the client to order their prints and select their images for their final books.  With the convenience of online proof books a d printed proof book is generally not necessary.  If a Printed Proof Book is desired a minimum fee of $350 will be charged.  The Proof Book becomes the property of the client.  Please keep in mind that this book comes with titles and is designed to help those without internet access to view and make selections of images from the wedding day.


Traditional Leather Bound Matted Albums

A traditional presentation.  These Albums can be embossed. The Couples Album is limited to 90 images.  Bob Boehm Photography will determine the layout and sizes of each photo.  Typically sizes include 4x6, 4x5, 5x5, 5x7, & 8x10.   The Parents Album is limited to 30 photos.  All photos will be 5x7 and all photos will be displayed in storybook order no matter their orientation.


Lay-Flat Leather Bound Printed Photo Books

A less traditional presentation that allows for a few more options.  All pages are.7mm thick and the images are printed on archival paper and come with a protective coating.  Photos may range in size from 2x2 to two page spreads.  The couple can choose between traditional storybook order or a totally random order of photos. The Couples Book:  The couple will provide BBP with 2 lists, a “Must Have List” of 100 photos and an “Additional List” of 25-30 photos that may or may not make it in to the final book.  BBP will design the layout and determine the sizes of each photo in the book.  The Parents Book: if ordering multiple books they must all be identical.  The couple will provide BBP with a list of 40 Must Have images for the Parent Books and a second list of 15 possible photos to be added if the layout and design work call for them.


Thumb Drive with Copyright Release $400

A thumb drive with all photographs taken, both color and black and white images, presented in an elegant black case, with the bride and grooms names embossed on the spline.




  • Bob Boehm Photography strives to do our best not to miss any of your must have photos.It is for this reason that we require that all wedding party members are to be present, dressed and ready for photos at the wedding location 1+1/2 hours prior to the start time of the ceremony.If the wedding party is over 12 we ask for 2 hours.If all are not ready or present some photos may be eliminated.Parents need to be dressed and present 1 hour prior to the ceremony.

  • All photographs are printed on professional archival paper.

  • The photographs selected for all printed albums are solely the bride and grooms choice.

  • The bride and groom will either choose a Traditional or Random order to their printed photo books.

  • Bob Boehm Photography will design and layout albums/printed books.

  • Bob Boehm Photography may add 10-20 photos, on top of those the bride and groom chose, for the printed book depending on the flow and layout design.

  • By entering into the contract with Bob Boehm Photography the clients give permission to Bob Boehm Photography for use of any images taken for advertising and contest entry, which can include both print of internet usage, (this does not include any “For The Groom” images).






















Bob Boehm Photography, 2015 Wedding Pricelist