$150 Sitting Fee


1-2 Photo Sessions, each session lasts for 1-2 hours

Shot on location, props are encouraged



Bob Boehm Photography will select the photos we feel are the best and edit them.  Once the editing is completed a password protected file will be created under your name within the "ALL CLIENT FILES" tab on the Bob Boehm Photography website.  This file will hold two sub files, "Originals" and "Edited".  The original file will hold all untouched photos while the edited file will have copies from the original file but these images will have been edited.  The client can request a few originals to be edited if they chose.  The edited file will have both a color and black & white image of the same photo.  Clients can choose a third Effect if they would like.  Samples are shown in the "EFFECTS Please Read" file.  Once the final edits and effects are complete a thumb drive will be produced for you along with a copyright release letter.  This enables you to print your photos anywhere; of course you can order photos directly from my website if you wish.

Sitting Fee is due at time of photo session.

Please add an additional $50 per pet.